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Football management games are some of the ways that you can enjoy the popular games on simulation but from a different aspect. Rather than pass, kick and score, you are in charge of the whole squad. A football manager game simulates the efforts that go into creating winning teams. As the football manager, you decide which tactics to employ, which players to buy or sell and who makes the team, among many other critical decisions. Over the years football manager games have evolved dramatically, and now you can play some on mobile. 

Top Eleven: Football Manager

It was the first football management game with a cross-platform feature – allowing players to engage with Facebook friends. You get to sell and buy players in real time, build a stadium with all the facilities your team needs and make friendly matches. The game also gives managers a chance to motivate their players by giving them skill points.


ManagerZone is the most successful brand in this genre. The mobile version offers a simple layout that allows players to manage their teams by tracking their finances, tactics and members. It comes complete with challenges where a manager has to deal with a crisis to help the team.

Soccer Superstars

With Soccer Superstar, you can manage as well as play by controlling players. Besides buying players, you can create them and mould them into the team you want. You can also give player skill points.

Kick it Out Football Manager

On Kick It Out you can opt to play against other online or AI players. You get to participate in leagues and tournaments to the well-laid-out user interface. The game comes with mini-campaigns and challenges.

Online Soccer Manager

The online soccer manager comes with overviews of team standings in the league, as well as other team and player statistics. This particular game has a ‘hire a spy feature’ that allows managers to find out what their rivals are up to by using a spy on their squads.

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