By Mrnicholauschristiansenii on 12th November

Dice games come in all forms and for years these were available only in physical forms. Recently, however, there has been a transfer to online and many of these games are now available in multiple formats. Regardless of where and how you play, dice games are huge amounts of fun for both children and adults. For some, there can even be money involved, which only serves to make them even more entertaining and thrilling. Listed below are a few of the top dice games out there.


Possibly the most well-known of all the dice games, Yahtzee has long been a favourite among families. Containing five dice in a tube, each player is allowed to roll the dice on a turn-by-turn basis. Rather like poker, different denominations and combinations of the dice are worth different values. The top section contains simply the number of times a specific value crops up in that turn, whilst the bottom contains the harder to achieve combinations such as three of a kind, four of a kind and of course Yahtzee – five of a kind.


A common casino dice game, this has one of the best odds for players. A craps table can look rather forbidding as it is covered in tables and numbers that detail the specific bets. Players simply place their bets on the player who is rolling and then lets them go.

Liar’s Dice

This game involves deceit. Each player has a set of dice and all will roll once. Players will bid on the dice that can be seen i.e. their own dice against all those that they can’t see – the other players’. Commonly played as a drinking game, it has spread throughout the world.

Sic Bo

Another casino game, Sic Bo involves a complex looking table where a dealer rolls three dice. Players place bets on the board with the aim of betting on the dice roll. There are many different betting options available and unlike other dice games, there is no real strategy involved. Whatever the dice game, they are all highly entertaining ways to spend a few hours with friends, with or without the help of some cheeky gambling.

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