By Admin on 23rd January

There are many different types of poker tournament. The type of event you wish to attend will influence which tournament you play at. Most tournaments are organized along standard lines, which involves all players starting with the same amount of chips. Blinds and antes then increase at agreed increments, and when a player loses all their chips, they are simply out of the competition, with the last player standing deemed the winner.

However, there are a number of different tournaments at different sites. Bounty tournaments, for example, have a special cash prize for a player that eliminates a specific player. Bubble Rush tournaments are created so players can reach the money faster, and these tournaments can be over in an hour. There are also guaranteed tournaments where the prize pool is known to be a certain amount. Knockout tournaments will place a bounty on every single entrant’s head, so that each time a player knocks someone out they will win a prize in cash, with the final winner winning their own bounty prize.

Other tournaments are multi-table tournaments, where there are a number of different tables all aiming for each other’s chips. As players get knocked out, the tables are broken, with players moving to other tables to keep them full. Phased tournaments contain levels, and players can simply decide which phase they wish to start in. Winners of each phase will slowly combine together to form a final large tournament.

Rebuy tournaments allow players to purchase more chips throughout the event. Most tournaments, aka Freezeouts, will not allow this to happen. They state that once a player has no chips, they are out. Rebuy allows purchasing of chips, though there are limits. All of these types can be played anywhere for any reason, whether it is for a charity tournament or just for prestige.

Players should check what the tournament type is before entering, as this will affect their strategy and game plan. Some tournaments are suitable even for relative novices, but others should most definitely be left to the pros.

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